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One Year. Time for some updates & changes

It’s been one year since I launched this little venture. It’s been quite a ride. I’ve worked with some great clients and it’s been a learning experience. As you may have noticed, I’ve updated the blog theme and I’m working on updating and redesigning the website. Although I like the interface for WordPress, I’m not crazy about their themes or the lack of customization without upgrading. I may still change the theme again before I settle on one I like. For my photography, I have been using Blogger and really dislike the available themes. However, I was able to edit the CSS style sheet and come up with an entirely different look and one that works well and integrates with my website.

For the most part I’ve been working with clients on the corporate level and it doesn’t give me the opportunity to update or share those projects on the blog. I have done a couple animations for other clients and will be sharing those in the near future. Keep an eye out.

Posted by: mogfxdesign | November 3, 2009


It’s been a busy couple of months. I’ve relaunched my photography site, that’s been the most creative and rewarding project. I just updated my reel. Aside from that, I’ve been working with existing clients and maintaining their sites and working on corporate graphic projects.

On the creative side, it’s been a bit slow. Although, I have been playing around with Trapcode’s Particular and Form. I’m going to find some time and play around some more and hopefully post video on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by.

Posted by: mogfxdesign | September 15, 2009

Keeping Busy

That’s a good thing. Been working on a couple of animations, nothing to difficult and nothing that would be considered award winning, but it’s paying the bills.

I’ve been reworking some websites and making some updates. I once again redid my photography site. This time it’s focused on larger images and less on the site. So it’s a cleaner and simpler site. I had originally done the site in Flash only, but after getting some feedback and being reminded that the iPhone doesn’t support Flash, I’ve created a separate HTML version of the site. The site will be up in a couple of days. I’ll post an image when it’s up. I also worked on the blog site. I decided to use Blogger instead of WordPress, no real reason, just wanted to try it. Found that it wasn’t as robust as WordPress. After tweaking the CSS, I came up with a layout I’m much happier with. I also figured out how to add larger images, thanks to doing an online search for solutions.

Photography and the business of photography has been keeping my busy lately, but I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of photography. Been learning how to use Lightroom and setting up a workflow for processing RAW files and getting them to clients. Definitely a lot of learning these past couple of months.

I think MoGfx Design is going to get a facelift next and this blog. Just have to see how things progress. Keep an eye out.

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Wow, it’s been a busy couple months. I haven’t posted in a while so this may be a long post.

Been working on some animation for a while. I’ve got 2 done, but I’m waiting on the client to free up his schedule to come in and work on the other 10 or so animations for his website. The client has a foundation repair business and needs a way of illustrating how foundations can be damaged due to heavy rains. I created the scene in Cinema 4D and then brought it into After Effects. Using Trapcode Particular allowed me to simulate water.

Foundation 1 (0;00;19;04)Foundation Pipe 1 (0;00;10;08)

Nigeria Map (0;00;03;03)I also worked on additional graphics for The Andrew Young Foundation. The next show is focused on Nigeria. They requested several maps to show specific areas that the show was focused on.

Another client needed a new logo for a company that he was starting up. He had apparently gone to one of those online logo design sites and was unhappy with the results. He was very pleased with what I came up with. I was able to listen to his specific needs and came up with a logo that he was very happy with. I was also asked to design his business cards. I wish John much success with his new company, Pristine Water Technologies.


IMG_0216Earlier this month I was hired to to some training at the GA Dome. They have recently been upgrading the production control room to HD.  I was brought in to train some of the operators on the Avid Deko Graphics System. It was a really great time, as I knew one of the operators and found out that another used to work at the same place I did, but at different times. We were able to catch up and talk about the good old day. It’s amazing that the Deko software hasn’t changed in several years. The latest 5.0 version has some minor interface tweaks, that greatly improves it’s capabilities. Some of the new features I even stumbled across by accident.

Another update for those of you interested in Velvet Peanut Butter, there will be a Crunchy version soon. I worked up a new label and production will start soon and hit  will be hitting the store shelves in the Detroit area.

Another project has been ongoing for several weeks. I’ve been going around down photographing restaurants, clubs and similar establishments for an online directory. The site is still in beta and they are working out the kinks. There will also be an iPhone App available in the future. This was an easy task, but it was great to walk around different areas of the city and taking note of various restaurants and clubs that I never knew were there. There are a lot of  new restaurants, but unfortunately there were also a lot that had gone out of business due to the economic climate.

dmpSpeaking of photography, it’s always been something that I’ve been interested in pursuing. Lately, it’s been something that I’ve really been concentrating on as a business. I’ve created a new site to showcase my photography. I found that my MoGfx Design site was geared more toward my motion graphic design and that anyone seeking a photographer would probably not seriously look at the portfolio there. I launched DaveM Photography at the end of June. I created the site entirely in Flash, but also wanted to make sure I could fairly easily update the portfolio. I made the portfolio load images dynamically and would only require a minimal amount of Action Script coding to update the number of images.

blogI also started another blog specifically on my photography. I’m discussing my photo shoots and any other photography related subjects. I recently attended Zack Arias Photo 101 Workshop and shared my experience on the blog. That’s a pretty lengthy post, but worth the read if you’re considering photography as a career. Zack also teaches a lighting workshop, that maybe I’ll attend next year. In the meantime, I’ve got his One Light DVD. I’m also learning Lightroom for processing my images. Anyway head on over to to look over my portfolio or to catch up on the blog. Feel free to contact me if you ever need a photographer.

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Latest Update

Work has been steady and there have been some leads and the potential for some really interesting work, however I can’t divulge any information on the projects currently in progress. There are a couple logo designs for some new companies, and until they’ve been approved (this is the part that can take a while), I can’t post updates on those projects.  Just know that I’ve been busy behind the scenes.

I can post the details for one project I just completed. A couple of weeks ago, I delivered (uploaded) a new Flash based website I have worked with Amy before on several projects, this is the first that was done especially for her. Amy is a very talented Makeup Artist in the Atlanta area and needed a website to show off her work and attract new clients. The design is very clean and simple, a Swedish trait that important to Amy. Smink is swedish for makeup. Thanks Amy for being a pleasure to work with. As a photographer, I know who to call when I need a Makeup Artist. I hope we get the chance to work together again soon.


I have also been busy with my photography, something that I seem to be doing a lot more of. So much so that I’m going to move my portfolio off the MoGfx Design site and launch a new site and separate blog. I follow several blogs from photographers and they share their experiences and tips, that it’s inspiring me to do something similar. I’m not sure what direction the blog will take, I think for the most part, I’ll share my photo assignments, my thought process and any tips or links that I may come across. I also think I might break out and do a Photo 101 for those that have purchased a DSLR, but want to break out of shooting in the full Auto mode and may be intimidated by the other available functions. Keep an eye out, I’ll post details here when I’ve launched the new site and blog.

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Andrew Young Presents

andrew-young-openI just delivered a redesign for Andrew Young Presents. I designed the original package last year, but was asked to redesign it this year. The original graphics package had a lot of yellows and orange to complement the theme of the majority of shows which happen to be about Africa.  The show is now in it’s second year of syndication and will have a broader subject range, which is the reason for the redesign. The show is hosted by legendary U.S. civil rights leader Andrew Young. Andrew Young Presents will deliver a series of 1-hour television events exploring current global issues for a local audience. With episodes shot on-location around the world, Young will be joined on his journeys by contemporary A-list stars from sports, music, entertainment and politics. The show will air in 80 percent of the U.S., inclucing 35 of the top 40 markets. (New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington,  Atlanta, Orlando, Charlotte, Chicago, Milwaukee  just to name a  few markets.) 

 The show is currently in post production and will be distributed in the next couple of weeks.  Check your local listings for show times. Once the show has aired I’ll post more images in the portfolio section. I don’t want to preview the entire graphics package before the airing of the show.

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Atlanta Night Skyline Photography

I really enjoy the way a large city lights up at night. I’m always trying to get different angles from the Atlanta Skyline.  Right now is the perfect time to shoot skyline shots of Atlanta. The weather is still cool and skies are clear and blue. Spring and fall are the best times, summer is the worst because of the smog. Here are a few of the images from my shoot the other night. These were taken sometime after 8pm. There was only a 10 minute difference between shots.

ISO: 100, Aperture: f/22, Shutter: 25 sec. Focal Length: 28 mm

ISO: 100, Aperture: f/22, Shutter: 25 sec. Focal Length: 28 mm

ISO: 100, Aperture: f/22, Shutter: 30 sec., Focal Length: 28 mm

ISO: 100, Aperture: f/22, Shutter: 30 sec., Focal Length: 28 mm

It’s not always easy to get shots like these. Location is important! I have found that parking garages make for very good locations.

I’ve got a couple more angles I want to try to get different looks and perspectives. I should have some free time in the coming weeks, I’ll post as soon as I take them.

BTW, these images are straight from the camera, no post production.

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Velvet Peanut Butter Makes Front Page News!

thedetroitnews_03-19-20091The Detroit News ran a story about Velvet Peanut Butter on the front page today. This brand is being fondly remembered and people are buying Velvet Peanut Butter in the Detroit area.  1,200 jars were sold in the first 5 weeks at Hiller’s Markets and there are more markets interested in carrying the brand. It’s nice to see a company gaining some success and momentum in this economy. Although the owners currently reside in Georgia, they plan on moving back to Michigan and moving the entire operation into the Detroit area. They are committed to the region they grew up in and it seems the grocery stores support the vision to bring the company and its operations back to Michigan.

Congratulations on a great start! I will be working with Velvet Peanut Butter on a new label for the Crunchy version, being developed soon. It’s also what the consumers are requesting for. If you’re in the Detroit area, keep an eye out on your grocery store’s selves. Click here to read the entire article.

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Photography slideshow just added!

photo_slideshowIt took me a while, but I’ve finally been able to upload a slideshow of some of my photography work. You can check it out here. I could have posted it sooner, but I didn’t want a standard gallery of images. I wanted a simple but clean layout, and I wanted to do it in Flash. I like the interactivity of it, without having to jump around multiple pages. I also took some advice from Zack Arias, an Atlanta based photographer. He has posted critiques of sites and work that have been submitted by willing individuals. I’m still undecided, but I may submit mine for critique (maybe after I’ve added some more work). His blog is very informative, not only if you’re a photographer, but any creative individual. I think he’s fair and provides some very constructive and helpful criticism. 

g-subway1I’ve also wrapped up the website I was working on for a client. The site is now live. I was asked by WSB-TV to design a site that was media rich, easy to navigate, and could be updated with media and content on a regular basis. The Subway Get Fit Challenge is a year long program, where 30 individuals seeking help with weight loss were selected for this program. They are provided a nutritionist and a workout program. This is the 3rd year and it was originally inspired by Subway’s Jarod and his story of weight loss. The Challengers also have to blog about this process. I chose WordPress, because being a user, I know how easy it is to get started and it would allow me to trouble shoot and provide support to the individuals as needed. 

Check out my site as I’ve updated my reel, portfolio and the added photography section.

I welcome any comments or feedback. Thanks.

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MoGfx Design Reel is now on the site!

I apologize for this taking so long. Been busy with some client work and it’s left my own site a little neglected. I’ve been able to upgrade my software to Adobe CS4 which now includes Flash. I was able to take my reel from a QuickTime format, encode it as Flash Video (FLV) and upload it to the site. Quality is much better, file size is a whole lot smaller while displaying at a larger size. You can check out the link here or go to and check out the portfolio section.

I’ll also be updating the portfolio section in a day or two. As I mentioned I’ve got a client’s site that I’m wrapping up and should go live on Monday. I’ll post details here when it does. I’m also working on getting a slideshow of my photography. That should be up soon.

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